Dates: Monday November 9th
Place: Tri Sports, 4495 S Coach Dr
Time: 6:30-8pm


It's time to start thinking about your goals for the 2016 season! Are you thinking of making the jump up to a new distance, but not sure if you're ready? Do you just randomly sign up for races without giving much thought to maximizing your training and performance? At this month's meeting we will have two guests who will help us plan for 2016.

First up is Seton Claggett, co-owner of Trisports! We all know there are seemingly endless options when you're looking for new triathlon gear or for gear to get you started. Is that aero helmet really faster than a standard lid? Seton will be talking about where you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to Tri gear!

Our second speaker is Tri Girl and Desert Endurance coach/owner Jen Lynn! Jen will be talking about what it takes to make the jump up to the half or full ironman distances. Jen will also talk about how to properly plan your 2016 season, no matter what distance you might be planning to race.

The evening will wrap up with announcements and the volunteer and sponsorship drawings! See you Monday!