Easy Peasy Lemmon Squeezy

Every summer we embark on our Easy Peasy Lemmon Squeezy adventure.  Easy Peasy Lemmon Squeezy is a six week series in which you work your way up Mt. Lemmon over six weekends by increasing your mileage each week by a small increment.  Riders have the option of the Whole Lemmon or the Half Lemmon.  Riders who choose the Whole Lemmon will work their way from Milepost 0 at the base of Mt. Lemmon all the way to the Cookie Cabin in Summerhaven.  Riders who choose the Half Lemmon will work their way from Milepost 0 all the way to Windy Point (Geology Vista).

Every year we have riders of all abilities.  We have very beginners all the way up to season veterans who ride Mt. Lemmon weekly.  The goal is to work with the riders to conquer the mountain in small bite size wedges and to ultimately meet their goals of reaching the halfway point or the top of the mountain.  Starting on week 2, we have SAG stops along the way hosted by our sponsors.  They provide us with water, snacks, the occasional bike maintenance, and most importantly, cheers and motivation to keep climbing our way up the mountain!

See ride information and mileage/elevation goals here: Easy Peasy Lemmon Squeezy 2018 Cue Sheet

We'll see YOU on the mountain!!