How did you get started in triathlon?

Christina Marble, my sister, and I wanted to try a triathlon. We had both been injured with too much focus on a single sport, mostly cycling. We needed balance. Swimming seemed like a good solution. A triathlon race was an incentive to train. We chose the beginner-friendly Shyann Tri for Kindness Triathlon.

Why do you Tri today?

Why do I continue triathlon? I love the balance of the three sports. I love the feeling of a powerful brick run after a hard bike ride. I love learning new skill and technique to further gain speed and personal records (PRs). I love to share my passion and experience with other triathletes, both new and veterans.

What are some of your more memorable races?

Of course, our first triathlon was most memorable. I had just learned to swim a few months earlier. Further, I was suffering from an ankle injury. Christina and Roberta, another rookie triathlete friend, offered to walk the 5K "run" with me. I still remember waiting on Roberta brushing her hair in T2. The memory of the three of us still makes me smile. Another favorite triathlon was Barb's Race, a charity race benefitting cancer research and patients. Christina agreed to race our first Half Ironman with me for my 50th. It is a gorgeous venue through the hills among northern California's vineyards. The most fun race EVER was a grassroot event Stacy Bolyard started for tri-shy athletes. It included swimming with floaties, a tricycle time trial (see profile picture), and a  beautiful sunset walk in Sabino Canyon.


 What are some training tips you can give us?

Run bricks, especially close to race day. Intervals on the bike (a good start can be found here) and run (coached track sessions). Masters' Swim practice would be good, if you can fit them in your schedule. Eat to fuel your workouts. This is probably more than you realize. I use the tools at http://www.myfitnesspal.com to help me. Last, calculate your nutrition needs for every workout over an hour. Then, plan out what you will consume when. Set your watch to remind you to stay on your nutrition plan. Mine is set for every 10 minutes on a ride and every mile on the run.


What does it mean to be a TTG?

The TTG friendships, inspiration, mentorship have been priceless in both my training and my life. I know I would not have accomplished many of my goals without gathering strength and thoughts from all my friends in TTG. Furthermore, I enjoy paying forward my experience with new triathletes.


What are your goals for this year?

My primary goal in 2015 is to give my best to race directing Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival. Together with Debbie Claggett's expert mentorship, our race coordinators, and volunteers, we know that we will succeed in this endeavor.


Anything else you'd like to share?

Finally, please realize you are stronger than you know. Push your limits. Set goals that scare you. Then, plan an attack and go get 'em!!

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