When we see Joanie Rogucki, she is usually “flying” her way through another running race.  We were able to catch up with her to learn about her time with the Tucson Tri Girls, what motivates her and about a very special race she has coming up in Ann Arbor, MI. 

Joanie, when did you join the Tucson Tri Girls?

January 2010

When did you start doing triathlons?

Tinfoilman 2009 (Tucson, Arizona)

What is your favorite part about triathlons and/or endurance sports?

To choose just one is tough there are many! 

Plan  - do -check -act 

I really want it to be spending time with friends...PLANNING!

What is your biggest motivation?

My motivation has changed over the years....and appears to be reset for each new goal! Motivation....is like the fuel that drives the car! The car will not run well on the wrong gas! Therefore understanding what my motivator is essential! IE find the right gas that will propel me to achieve my goal!

It also means reviewing the goal to make sure that indeed it is the source goal.

A long way of saying...my motivation for this race next week (September 13, 2014) is different than any of my other motives have been. I want to run well at the John Rogucki Memorial Kensington race as it will give me pleasure to honor my late husband and his name will be once again on the podium. Obviously my motivation has been different for other races...My next goals and focus will wrap around bike racing and that is all about building endurance for some challenging races we plan to do next year! Now staying motivated...ha that is another story!

How has being part of the Tucson Tri Girls helped achieve your goals?

I know whatever I decide to do I have support from the ladies in purple!  I have learned that a failure is actually an opportunity. Learning from veterans and beginners the resources are endless. Race reports have been therapeutic for me as i relive the what if's as well as a reality check and my take away!  A side note: The watershed from personal to professional life is enhanced with the challenges/opportunities.we are not an island so of course choices I make affect both my personal/professional lives.  Taping into our sponsors; all of the sponsors have touched me in some way! 

What is your next big race and why have you chosen to do it? 

See motivation; born and raised in Ann Arbor area...the running community held my hand through many challenges.  In addition, to returning to run John's race I also wanted to thank the race director who directs the race out of friendship for John! Pretty deep.  I really want to feel good and enjoy this special time.  If we are lucky we are given these opportunities I am thankful I am able to run and celebrate my life as well as my late husband.

Tell us, what is the best part about being a member of the Tucson Tri Girls?

Shenanigans, social media, discounts, LOVE, and a group hug just to name a few. I love the fact that our membership comes from all walks of life and the blend is magical! I believe opportunities and exposure to new adventures tops the list!

What is your advice to someone who is thinking about doing their first triathlon or endurance event?

Ask lots of question, read, use the members as a valuable resource that they are. Enjoy your first triathlon as you will never have a first triathlon again!  Practice makes permanent...never perfect we just learn to hold onto certain things and let others go.



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