Why do I tri? I don’t think I have one reason, I think is more like a lot of reasons to do it. A little background about me and Triathlons: I learned about triathlons in my college days when I used to come to the UofA to see my uncle compete in the summer. I use to skate (skating is what I call the 4th sport now) the running portion with him and the best part was eating bagels at the finish line. If somebody back then told me I would be doing triathlons, I would have said no way, I don’t know how to swim, I haven’t been on a bicycle since I was a kid and I hate to run. Years later I got a road bike. Some of my cousins came to do El Tour de Tucson and I decided that I could do it too. So I trained myself to complete the 30 miles race in 2000 and 2001. After that I became a couch potato for a while (more like 10 years). That was also after I had my daughter and to be true she is actually the reason why I started doing Triathlon. She started doing triathlon before I even considered doing one, but with me taking her to races I learned about the TTG and met coach Robin. So one day I just thought why not, I should try to do a triathlon, so I joined the TTG Nov. 2015 and I started training myself for the following March race but that didn’t happen because I didn’t feel ready. I kept training and I did the one in July and it felt like I was going to die. So I needed a coach if I wanted to continue and I knew one, so the rest is history.

Since I joined the TTG I have got to meet and train with so many amazing people, actually I found my second family, with my Tri Family. My first tri was Oro Valley July 2016 and since then I have completed several Sprint and Olympic Triathlons, and last year after a group discussion for the races for 2018, it was the year to try a HIM (Half Ironman). So my first HIM was 70.3 AZ, It was a full year of training and I can say that literally, a full year, I trained with my friend Izzie for her HIM in July and while she did her HIM, I was climbing Mt. Lemon all the way to the cookie cabin for the first time, it was awesome to know I could do that. My HIM was October 21st, that was an exciting day to see how far I could push myself. The swim was awful, I hadn’t practiced enough with my wetsuit I suppose because I had to stop and undo my wetsuit, my swim was so slow but I wasn’t going to let that make me feel bad, the bike leg was good until the wind started in the second lap, then it was pretty bad, by the time I was done with the bike, my back was hurting so bad that I had to stop at transition and do some stretching. The run was not my best, but not my worst. After a couple of stops to stretch in the run, finally I was in mile 9, for me that is the magic number, after that everything was like, “I got this”. The full experience was awesome, the best thing was having my friends and family supporting me at the race and from far away.

So, why do I tri? Because it makes feel good, it keeps me in shape, it is a social sport, it is fun, it shows me my limitations, and, more important, my strengths and I can eat and drink all I want, ok not all but very close, so like I said before there is a lot of reasons why I tri.

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