Why did I join TTG?

I had first heard about TTG through my coach, Robin Kreamer, in the beginning of 2017. She was coaching two other ladies at the time (Brenda Sparks and Amanda Younger) who would always speak about the great benefits of being a member. I heard the organization had world class athletes speak at meetings, triathlon business owners discuss specific wheels, bikes and gear to use, nutritionists on hand to help with nutrition for races, and many other experienced individuals to talk to. I also heard about discounts for races and team support you would get at races in the Tucson area. So, that August I decided to join TTG! The most important part of joining the team was to share experiences of races and to train with them and head toward a common goal. My goal was to complete a half ironman!

What got me started in triathlons?

I actually picked up triathlons in 2010. I started getting bored of just running all the time. Running was my saving grace after college sports, but then I started to see that desire fade. I knew it was time to mix things up. I was friends with a U of A swimmer and he taught me how to get faster at swimming and gave me plenty of workouts. I really started to enjoy the water so I began participating in the summer aquathlons at Quincie Douglas pool. From that point I met some great triathletes including Michelle and Scott Keillin. I surrounded myself with triathletes and absorbed as much information as I could from their experiences. I then signed up for the 1st “Tri for Acts of Kindness” triathlon. I had a blast and learned quite a bit from it. Since I had so much fun at that triathlon I decided to register for the UA Holualoa Tri series Tinfoilman. I really loved that race and the best part was taking 2nd in my AG. I realized I wasn’t so bad at the sprint triathlons, so I participated in the following Tinfoilman and the firecracker in 2014. I loved the challenge and realized I needed to put myself in an olympic distance and see how it goes. I participated in the Sahuarita Twisted Cactus Tri in 2016. That race did not go so well, but I was still proud of myself for going that distance, and it made me more motivated to “tri” the race again in the future. Since then, I have completed 2 more olympic distance triathlons and many sprint distances.

What has been my biggest traithlon accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment was completing a half ironman this year!!! I recently finished the 70.3 half ironman in Boulder, CO. I could have not done it without my coach and my team. They were my biggest supporters and are also on the road to their first half as well. If it weren’t for the great ladies I have to train with I don’t know what I would do. I felt so comfortable and confident going into this race, that I knew I was going to crush it. I finished in 6:26:00 and that was better than I could have expected for my first 70.3.

Do you see more Half Ironmans in your future?

Yes, I would like to travel somewhere new with cool temperature and nice scenery.

What has been a big takeaway from being in TTG?

I would say, sharing experience and knowledge with the women who are also working towards their triathlon races. I have grown to love this crazy sport and we are all able to share our experiences to one another about it. I love knowing I am not alone and that we all have found unique ways to work through training, nutrition and quicker transitions. This group has become my crutch for what I love to do outside of working and the stressors that occur in life. I have enjoyed social events and meeting up for workouts with these lovely ladies.

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