Why did I join TTG?

I needed help. I hated running. I’m not a fast swimmer. Love the bike, but I really wanted to be better at all three. I wasn’t sure I could do all three in one day, let alone in one race! I also needed to understand what to wear, how to change in between events, how to feed myself, when and where to go to the bathroom. I knew I could find the support I needed from a group of like-minded, strong, confident women.

What got me started in triathlons?

I like to do hard things and this seemed nearly impossible!

What has been my biggest triathlon accomplishment?

I have to list three. Notice they are listed sequentially (this is SUPER important if you are new)

1st – Finishing my first Sprint distance triathlon. I was thrilled! I had actually done all three events in one race. I could hardly believe it. Also, I did the race with my youngest daughter who was 17 at the time. She took first place in her age group and I felt like I was in the presence of royalty. I was so proud and I wanted to be just like her and stand on the podium someday.

2nd – Finishing my first Olympic distance triathlon. It took me two tries. I ended up in an ambulance on my first attempt. That left me with some major mental obstacles to overcome to even attempt it again. But with the help, love and support of my new TTG friends I miraculously overcame my fears and pulled my wetsuit on again. I not only finished but I took the top of the podium and become just as cool as my daughter!

3rd – Finishing my first Half Ironman and meeting all my goals for the race: 1. Have a ton of fun. 2. Cheer on as many fellow racers as I possibly could. 3. Enjoy the scenery (Saint George, UT) My poor coach had to deal with the fact that I don’t use a Garmin or heartrate monitor or any such item. I had no quantitative goals and made decisions based on perceived effort instead of numbers on a computer. I find it liberating and great way to get to know myself personally. What I learned is that I still hate running. I’m too old to spend my time and money trying to get better at something I don’t like. Therefore I have decided I’m out of the triathlon scene, moving on to bike racing. My TTG friends still love me and always wave hello as I fly by on the bike!

What I have gained from the Club?

Life-long friends whom I love and adore, who have taught me more than I ever expected. I will forever be in their debt. I am inspired by them every single day (even if it’s just through FB or Strava!) I am continuously in awe of their gumption. I am a better person because of them.

What advice can I give to new members?

Ride with people faster than you!

Run with people faster than you!

Swim with people faster than you!

It will make you cry and sweat and curse and want to give up. However, it will make you faster, stronger, more resilient and more confident! Then you will be ready to be the faster cyclist, runner and swimmer for someone else to chase down. Major bonus is that you will also make forever friends who will make you a better person.

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