I’m an athletic late bloomer – as a high school and college drama and music nerd, I was pretty much allergic to anything “sporty.” Moving to San Francisco in 2005 turned me into a bike commuter – first on a thrift store Huffy, then a folding bike, and finally on my first road bike. Once I finally figured out how much fun a “real” bike was, I convinced a buddy to buy one, too. Buddy moved to DC and became active in his local tri club, while meanwhile I swore that I would never, EVER be a runner. (Spoiler alert: I now love running, although it took a pair of Altras and a good bike fit to finally sort out the knee issues that had ruined all my fun for years.)

It took moving to Tucson in 2013 to get me to try triathlon. My first event was a sprint, the Holualoa Tinfoilman Tri on the University of Arizona campus. I had so much fun that I immediately (well, after some chicken and waffles and maybe a beer) signed up for an Olympic-distance event, Patagonia Lake Triathlon, which was in its first year. The next year, I did Easy Peasy Lemmon Squeezy and discovered a couple important things: I LOVE climbing (and am terrified of descending, but working on it), and my husband Chris is the world’s most amazing Sherpa.

A couple cross-country moves (back to DC, then back to Tucson), many Olys, a couple of halfs, and some trail races (including a trail marathon…shoot, guess I *do* like running!) later, it’s safe to say I’m hooked. This May I’ll be taking on my biggest challenge at Ironman Santa Rosa. I’m only a little scared! Things about triathlon that bring me joy: finding the biggest, best public swimming pool wherever I travel to; grinding out simulated miles on my trainer while watching awful TV; turning triathlons into awesome mini-vacations with my husband and dog…and, last but far from least, running into familiar faces at random events – TTG are legion! I love how supportive this group is, whether you’re a regular face at all the meetings and events, or can only show up occasionally; whether you’re just getting your feet wet or looking to crush a new distance or pace.

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